-Luxury wedding planners-

Our weddings are a reflection of our couples’ personalities, and each wedding is characterized by elegance, luxury, and glamour. Thanks to our rich experience and innovative ideas, all of our weddings have a unique story. Our main goal is to be the best at what we do. Dubrovnik, as well as its surrounding area, has countless beautiful locations that make the perfect place for your wedding ceremony, so you can choose to have your wedding on a modern terrace of one of the numerous hotels that have fantastic views of the sea or the Old Town, on one of the numerous splendid islands near Dubrovnik, on one of the magnificent forts in the Old Town, or simply on the location that you fall in love with at first sight. Whether you are a couple seeking a dream wedding or just a curious visitor, we are sure that the information you will find on the following pages will be informative, inspiring and entertaining.


Elegance, luxury and glamor

Every wedding is characterized by elegance, luxury and glamor.


The magnificent location

With fantastic views of the sea, the old town or nearby islands.


Innovative ideas

Innovative ideas so each of our wedding has a unique story.


-Consultation, planning and design of a luxury wedding-

What we offer is an individual approach for every couple and every wedding; we guide you through the entire event and the wedding ceremony itself, at the same time closely monitoring and taking care of all of your wishes, so we can say that every service is exclusively tailored according to our clients’ wishes.



-Luxury tailor-made wedding-

Every wedding we organize is unique and unrepeatable, tailored to our clients’ wishes. We adapt your wedding to your wishes, and while doing so, we set new trends. Because our mission is to plan your day down to the smallest detail, strictly taking care of all your needs, the number of couples we are working with is limited. This enables us to have all our time just for you. Every detail of your biggest day will be exactly as you want, from the style of your wedding, location, flower decoration, food, drinks, music... We will plan all according to your wishes, down to the smallest detail and we will make it come to life just so it’s perfect.


  • A wedding in Dubrovnik and the "Marry Me" team
    are two pieces of a unique and inseparable perfect puzzle.

    Bristol, England
  • I do not have enough words to describe the perfection of all the days that we have
    spent in Dubrovnik. I do not have enough words to thank you for everything.

    Weyer, Austria
  • My dear , I am happy , happy, happy . Our wedding was the most beautiful
    event I've ever experienced.

    Zamora, Spain
  • I've always imagined having the wedding of my dreams, but you gave me something
    that I hadn’t even dreamt of. Thank you for that

    Leeds, England


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