Many wedding planners are excellent, however...

9 December 2018

Is there anything more beautiful than the wedding day? No! What’s more, when you have your wedding day away from the monotonous life and choose to hold your nuptials at a gorgeous, exotic location; when you have next to your side only the closest people, most beloved ones, the people that marked your life and celebrate with you this special day. Tears of joy, laughter, excitement, delight, hearts filled with love, and happiness visible on the faces are the moments we cherish in our mind forever.

In the days, months and sometimes even years ahead of the big day, we are full of expectations, planning, ideas, desires, and many other things. Our goal is to enjoy the time before we make that “until death do us part” vow.

Top-notch wedding planner

However, planning a wedding abroad seams a lot more complex than planning the one from the comfort of your home. The key word here is seams. If you hire a top-class wedding planner, the most difficult part of wedding organisation in another part of the world is solved. I do not mean to say that there is a shortage of great wedding planners; on the contrary, I believe that the vast majority of them do an excellent job, which in fact is not a job, but pure pleasure. This is precisely the reason why almost every wedding planner is an excellent wedding planner. I believe you are relieved now! What I wanted to say is that the first step in planning a marriage abroad is the toughest one. Once you have found your wedding planner, you have managed to get the biggest item off the wedding list.

Wedding planner = Soul Mate

There are no guidelines for you to find a good wedding planner, only your wish list and a wedding planner to make those wishes come true. When you ask about the services a wedding agency provides, and I am convinced you send your request for information to multiple agencies, you, in general, get more or less the same reply listing more or less identical or similar services to be performed at the more or less the same costs.

Hundreds of questions begin swarming around in your head: who to pick, what is the difference, who is the best, who will meet all of your expectations, who is the most acceptable in terms of price...and it goes on, and on, and on.

Let’s go back to the theory that all wedding planners are equally good (those few rare ones who do not do their job with love, you will be able to recognise as soon as they send their first e-mail), that all of them will make your every wish come true and give you the best advice on each and every moment in your wedding day, then I would have to say you must be struggling to make your pick and it cannot be easy for you.

Well, this is just not the case. You need to feel the person inside every wedding planner you have spoken to and contacted, try to find the person you like the most, which person among them all you would want as your friend, with whom you would happily go to dinner. That wedding planner is your soul mate and, unlike others, who are, as I point out, also great wedding planners, that wedding planner will know what you think even when you are not speaking your mind, that person will know what you want even if you say only little, what flowers you like, what kind of music you listen to...because, just as you have recognised him or her, that person will also recognise you.

And remember, almost all wedding planners are excellent and whoever you choose, you will not make a mistake, however, if you find and choose your soul mate, planning your wedding will be a joyful process, and the day of your wedding the fulfilment of your true desires.

Happy planning!

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