Weddings in the time of Coronavirus

20 March 2020

Can a small virus, even if it has spread into a pandemic, kill, or is it even allowed to kill love? No, not at all.

Every day I read about new measures to combat this monster on different portals —about the number of people who have been ill and cured, about how to behave, and how to act to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the coronavirus.

For days I have been answering many questions from soon to be newlyweds about the coronavirus situation from their fears and worries to shifts in their wedding dates.

So, I decided to write a few sentences on this topic and share them with all of you who hold the same fears. I am not an epidemiologist. I am not an infectologist, nor am I any other type of health care professional. I do not want to talk about the coronavirus as a disease, but I think I am qualified to speak of love and the effects of love during this pandemic.

For starters, I would definitely like to point out that, like most people in this world, I am afraid of the coronavirus. I'm worried for my loved ones, friends, and neighbors. I tremble for the whole world right now. Every new patient leaves a mark on my heart.

But I wholeheartedly believe and hope that this, too, will come to an end very soon. I hope that tomorrow the coronavirus will become a part of the past and that all of us will return to normal. I hope that someday soon we will be able to hang out with our friends, go out to dinner, go to theaters, cheer for our sports teams, go to work, to schools, to shops… I want to believe all that.

Until then, let's use this time for whatever we didn't have time to do in our "normal" lives before all this happened. Let's read books, watch movies and our favorite TV series, call a friend in another city, and, most importantly, be with our families. Let's discover in them all those beautiful things we know are there, but that we forgot about due to the average pace of life, because that is what is most valuable—the health and warmth of a family home.

Dear soon to be newlyweds, all of whom I call "mine" because I am your wedding planner, but also all the other couples out there who are about to get married—love and be one another's support, ally, and lover, but most importantly and what is most precious be a friend. The coronavirus may make you sick (although we certainly hope not), rest assured that the coronavirus does not kill love.

If the coronavirus has moved your wedding date by two or three months or even a year, do not despair. I know how much effort you put into organizing it. I know how many beloved people you had to contact, and most of all, I know how much you looked forward to your wedding day. But what I want to say is that it does not matter if you are getting married tomorrow, in a month or two, or even in a year, it is of utmost importance to love and be friends to one another. A wedding is just one piece of paper—one document needed for a lot of things in life, but it has nothing to do with love. The only essential thing is love, and, most importantly, love is invincible to the virus, anyone, or anything.

So, dear brides and grooms, relax and take advantage of this time. Use it for yourself and for your loved ones. Be optimistic and believe that the coronavirus will be eliminated even before your wedding day, and if not, your wedding day will come sooner than you think. Until then, follow all the instructions for protecting yourself against the coronavirus and love yourself... for love conquers all.

With love and a heart full of faith, hope and optimism,

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