A New Wedding Era reveals new wedding trends... and more!

31 May 2022

The life-famous thesis that love always wins (and always finds a way) has never been clearer than it is today. Many couples are choosing to go all-in with their wedding plans virtually. New cultural, social and technological developments change human customs and traditions. Thanks to technology, live-streaming your wedding has never been easier. Some couples are opting to have a virtual element of their wedding ceremony – either saying ‘I do’ between just the two of them and a few loved ones to witness their love, or hosting an intimate gathering with some of their closest friends – and broadcasting for the rest of their inner circle. Big or small, modern couples are on a mission to give their guests an event to remember. They are using much of personalized details, "wow factors," and different ways for guests to feel special.

Modern couples have been trying to break free from outdated traditions and old school expectations for years and the pandemic gave many the excuse they needed to have the wedding they really wanted. This does not mean that some traditions and certain meaningful gestures are no longer important for many couples, but rather it is about choosing and creating new traditions, without the expectations and criticisms that is liberating for them.

Although a live – streaming can be a wonderful tool to bring people together who are separated by distance, care must be taken to get the most out of your experience. Thorough preparation and observing proper etiquette are both vital to making sure that all goes smoothly on your special day. With virtual weddings trending nowadays, there is no shortage of tools available to make your live-streamed wedding a success ( e.g. Facebook Groups and Facebook Rooms, YouTube Live, Zoom Pro or Google Meet)

Make sure to think through all aspects of the live stream from the setup, to the planning, the timing, and engagement during the event. Ask yourself if you want your virtual guests to simply watch, or if you want them to be engaged in the event. Moreover all the angles and points of view become very important to have an epic, memorable wedding of your dreams.

With a help from your wedding planner you will eliminate a lot of unnecessary stress so you can truly enjoy your wedding day. Going into your Big day knowing your vision will come to life and you can focus on your spouse, your family and friends, is exactly what you should expect!

The priority in planning a wedding in 2022 is to have as much fun as possible and create a memorable celebration with everything from excellent food and drink to unique entertainment. Conclusively we must agree that a new wedding era seem to be bolder and more daring, which translates to more unique wedding styles.

I truly admit I can’t wait to see some new wedding ideas come to life this year!

Happy planning!

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