Wedding that lasted for 24 hours

10 June 2016

As I met Michelle and Paul when they arrived to Dubrovnik for the first time a year and a half before their wedding, I was convinced this will be just a small wedding, only the closest members of the family and friends. Why did I think that? I would have to say it was a kind of misconception. When the bride and the groom are over 40 years, you would think that they would want to elope with their dearest ones, get marry and go to dinner to a nice restaurant.

But, I was so terribly wrong. Michelle and Paul had 120 guests attend their wedding, those guests arrived from all over the world, and dancing and partying just went on and on.

Their wedding day began in the morning; in their hotel rooms... glasses were raised to toast the future newlyweds, there was singing, some were crying tears of joy, and laughter was heard throughout the hotel corridors.

This good and friendly atmosphere of chatter continued in the Sponza Palace where Michelle and Paul said to each other “Yes I do”. Tears, laughter, saying congratulations...

And then all the merry people at the wedding went to Hotel Dubrovnik President. A welcome drink was served at the beautiful terrace of this magnificent hotel. The dinner was served inside the hotel because the newlyweds wished to party till late hours. So much fun, so many dances I really have not seen up to that point... and some of the guests left the party at 3 o’clock while others stayed with the newlyweds until 7 am.

Michelle and Paul, I want to thank you for letting me plan your special day, your wedding, for the fact that I was able to be a part of this spectacular day, and above all, I thank you for the opportunity you gave me to meet so many extraordinary and wonderful people.

Happy planning!

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