Wedding excitement

20 August 2016

To all the brides – it’s perfectly normal to feel the wedding jitters, but don’t let too much excitement spoil the day.

It is completely normal for a bride and a groom, and particularly brides, to be very excited in the months before the wedding. The excitement grows as the wedding day approaches. No future newlyweds can be relaxed; they may appear relaxed on the outside, but on the inside a volcano is about to erupt. I have gone through all the phases of excitement experienced by the young couple, especially the brides, and those included being nervous, panicking, feeling fear... I am always there to listen to them, but also to calm them down, as much as possible.

Jenn and the never-ending excitement

But, I will never forget Jenn and her excitement. From the very first day she contacted me, and that was on 7 February 2015, to the day of the wedding which was on 1 August 2016, that is, for a year and a half Jenn and me almost daily exchanged e-mails and phone calls. In her excitement Jenn was so nice and lovable that it caused me no hardship to give an answer to a question that I had already several times before replied to nor did it cause me any problem to reassure her time and time again that there was no room for panic.

Perfect wedding day

My dear Jenn and her Dominic got married in the Big Garden of Hotel Grand Villa Argentina, and their reception was held at the same hotel, in the Beach restaurant. Somewhere between the ceremony and the reception, Jenn and Dominic went to the Old Town with a photographer, and returned in a visibly good mood having taken a couple of unusual pictures. It was a wedding to remember, a beautiful bride, lots of cheerful guests, rooms decorated with flowers in delicate colours and a splendid selection of music.

Jenn’s review

Jenn was, I am proud to be able to say that, extremely happy and satisfied. She was highly pleased, expressed gratitude and thanked me with kisses. Not long after the wedding, she put on my Facebook page a review which I would like to be read by all the brides, to see for themselves that being nervous and excited is completely normal, but also that one really has no reason to panic. You can find it here along with more photos.

If I could do it again I would not hesitate to contact Renata again!

Happy planning!

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