Bridal bouquet - The top thing on the wish list

1 March 2017

What kind of a bridal bouquet should you choose? When planning your wedding, the bridal bouquet comes very high on the priority list; I can even say that it can be at the very top of this list.

Do you know what kind of a bouquet you want?

The bouquet is one of those things the brides wish to have agreed upon right away. Some of them know exactly what they want right from the start, but most brides change their mind about the desired wedding bouquet as much as couple of times before the wedding.

This bouquet should reflect one’s own desires, match the dresses of the maids of honour, other decorations, but one should also take into account that the flowers chosen remain stable at the summer heat. .. Most surely, you don’t want to have withered flowers, you want your bouquet remain fresh and scented even until the final guest leaves the restaurant... or, if you decide to follow the tradition of tossing the bouquet over your shoulder, and in that case you would want to preserve its beauty up to that point.

Imagination without borders

In the past, brides could only make their pick from the offer of seasonal flowers, and in natural colors. Luckily, today at any moment you can obtain almost every flower, you can pick your colour, and above all, how your bouquet will look like... just imagine it, and you will be able to make your floral dream come true, particularly when you have a good florist. You can get anything you wish for.

For all of you who have not yet decided on your bouquet, I make available a couple of photographs of some of my favourite bouquets. However, this does not mean you have to like them as well... we all have different preferences, and on Pintarest and the Internet you can find a plentiful of the most beautiful bouquet pictures, so anyone, really anyone can manage to find the right bouquet according to their preferences.

Happy planning!

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