Interview: Renata Alujević

20 July 2017

This was a guest post originaly posted on Marry Abroad.

We asked Croatian wedding planner Renata Alujevic to explain why she set up as a wedding planner and why Croatia, specifically Dubrovnik, makes a perfect wedding abroad choice.

How did you decide to become a wedding planner?

A wedding planner is the most beautiful profession, what can be better than to work with people planning the happiest day in their life. Newlyweds are happy, their family are happy, friends are happy, so much love around and so much joy and laughter. . . it is really a dream job.

Ever since I was a child I was organizing everything and everyone so it was a natural progression for my career to work within events and promotions. I worked within the Mayor's office in the City of Dubrovnik, where I was Head of Protocol and International Relations Department. Working there I had the opportunity to gain an enormous amount of experience in organizing various events for high end delegates that visit Dubrovnik from rest of Croatia and all over the world. I have experience in organizing official lunches and gala dinners for over 500 people, interior design, transportation insurance, accommodation etc. After that experience, I made decision to open wedding agency and I am very happy with that decision.

What's the best part about being a wedding planner?

Each wedding is totally unique and feeling the excitement of a Newlywed is the best feeling in the world, especially the bride as she has probably been dreaming of this day since she was very young and the fact I help this dream come true is extremely rewarding for me, it is a fantastic experience each time.

The planning of the wedding day is very interesting as each one is very different – we have different cultures from all over the world who wish to marry in Dubrovnik – and I particularly enjoy helping them bring a touch of their culture to each wedding.

At the end of each wedding it is an indescribable feeling when we see that newlyweds and guests are so satisfied and happy.

Which areas of Dubrovnik do you enjoy organizing weddings in, and why?

The whole Dubrovnik is unique and I enjoy working everywhere, but the old city of Dubrovnik for me is really magical. We have beautiful palaces, highly elevated forts, renovated villas and the famous city walls – all of these are reasons why a wedding in Dubrovnik really is a fairytale wedding.

What's the most beautiful wedding you've organized?

This is a really difficult question. Each wedding is very beautiful, and we organize them specifically to the newlyweds' vision and dream – some like beaches, some like the historical buildings. And some like simple weddings – but at the end of the day its planning the wedding in perfect detail in line with what the newlyweds want that is important. I have a wealth of knowledge through my years of organizing weddings that I am able to advise on what looks good and what can be achieved and offer suggestions – I always respect their decision.

What's the most popular type of wedding you organize?

Almost everyone wants to have a ceremony or reception, or both overlooking on the sea. Luckily, in Dubrovnik there is enough hotels and restaurants with nice terraces, beautiful views and overlooking the sea so there is plenty of choice. I think that it is really magical to say "Yes I do" near the sea, around people who you love and who loves you.

What advice would you give couples wanting to get married in Dubrovnik?

I would advise all couples wanting to get married in Dubrovnik to use a Wedding Planner, our laws and systems can be different to their own country therefore using a wedding planner can cut out the stress. The wedding planner will also draw up a wish list with you and will be able to match venues for both ceremony and reception to your specific needs so that you do not waste a lot of valuable time. They work with partners in Dubrovnik and able to get you better deals then if you went direct.

I welcome them to Dubrovnik, which is a remarkable city where the population are very friendly and kind and at the end of your wedding Dubrovnik will always have a special place in your heart.

Those who are looking for paradise on earth should come and see Dubrovnik. George Bernard Shaw

Happy planning!

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