Aida and Mohammad

1 August 2017

One wedding, a hundred guests from around the world and a handful of unforgettable memories.

Each wedding is special and unique in its own way. But, when you have more than one hundred guests from all over the world and a wedding held at two fantastic locations, then that experience is truly spectacular.

Wedding ceremony at the Big Garden

The day started as usual, the bride was cheerful yet nervous, the groom with his best men only seemingly relaxed, but also awaiting.

And while our future newlyweds and their guests prepare for the wedding, Big Garden is preparing for them. All must be exactly as agreed, exactly according to the wishes of the bride and the groom.

Big Garden being a very beautiful place as it is, when prepared for the wedding ceremony, gets that touch of additional elegance and sophistication clearly confirmed when the guests who are starting to show up express their admiration.

Mohammad arrives accompanied by his best me; all attendees have occupied their seats and are eagerly waiting for Aida to walk in. And then comes the bride, walking slowly down the aisle at the sound of the music, accompanied by her brother holding her arm and giving her away to her future husband. Happiness shines on the faces of the young couple. Joy and admiration are visible in the eyes of the guests. After all, this happens only once in a lifetime.

Everyone is congratulating, champagne glasses are being raised, family pictures taken, photographs with friends made followed by mingling with guests after the ceremony. It is nice to see so many delighted and happy faces joined together at one spot...

While the guests are offering the toast and raising their glasses, we drive the newlyweds off to the Old Town where the most beautiful photographs of the couple are taken by the photographer’s hand, linking the past with the future.

Wedding dinner at the Palm Terrace

The most stunning view from the beautifully decorated Palm Terrace was a new and pleasant surprise for the guests who were soon joined by Aida and Mohammad. After that, the party started followed by dinner, and then celebration again which continued well into the night. At a certain point, the wedding cake was presented and cut, the ritual certainly befitting of that occasion.

And so the lovely day ends... but the endings are not always sad, and this one marks the beginning of a life that will be shared between two lovely people, and I am happy to be able to say, also the beginning of my friendship with Aida and Mohammad.

You can find their review and more photos here.

Happy planning!

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