Wedding must-haves

25 September 2017

Everything is important at your wedding, from the hairstyle through decorations to the selection of music. You wish that your special day goes smoothly, perfectly, that you and your guests enjoy in every single moment. We all want glamourous weddings in a beautiful reception room, an exceptional menu, nice music, fantastic decorations; however, more than often we cannot afford to give to ourselves and our guests the very best in every segment of our wedding day.

Future newlyweds often contemplate whether they need the superb menu or so many decorations. They ask themselves whether it is possible to hire a photographer for just a couple of hours.

Every wedding consists of, so to say, several segments without which a wedding wouldn’t be a wedding. If we leave out those items without which we couldn’t possibly imagine the wedding, such as the rings, the registrar or the priest, the wedding gown and a bouquet, we still have: the menu, the wedding cake, the drinks, the decorations, the music and the photographer.

We could include in this list a couple of other services that make each wedding even more special, but let’s just keep in mind the items I mentioned, and those items are what 99% of the future newlyweds think about, and let us take a look at what the future newlyweds and their guests remember the most and, most importantly, the reasons they remember the wedding for.

Food Menu

The choice of food is extremely important indeed, and we should consider what our guests would like with utmost caution. We also have to take account of the fact that some guests may not prefer to eat certain foods because of their health problems or convictions. Thus, it is important, before choosing the dishes, that we ask each guest if there are any restrictions when it comes to food.

Menu prices can vary a lot depending on the type of food, number of dishes and, of course, the wedding location (more attractive locations always have a higher price range). You can never go wrong if you select a medium-priced menu, even when it comes to a five-star restaurant or a hotel; the cheapest menu might be good in terms of quality, but it will have only 3 courses, so this should be taken into account.

Nevertheless, three courses in Croatia mean a pretty decent amount of food. The menu is definitely an item which should not be the most expensive one, where you could save up without losing quality. And believe me, your guests will be more than satisfied.

Wedding cake

Yummy, we all love it, don’t we?

No wedding can go without a wedding cake. It must be delicious, look divine and exactly as you want it. There can be no saving money on your wedding cake, but the price of every wedding cake is more or less the same, the only difference is whether you have 20 or 200 guests. Some guests will avoid eating the cake for various reasons, for instance weight problems :), but do not let this worry you if you are convinced that you have selected an excellent cake.


The total price depends on many factors: number of guests, type of drinks, quantity of drinks, and duration of dinner/reception. The drinks that must be offered are water, mineral water, wine and juices if there are kids at the celebration. Champagne or a sparkling wine is an excellent selection when giving a toast, but the wine will do the trick. A tip – it is better to have two types of fine beverage than 20 types of bad quality drinks. It costs the same, but if offered two high-quality types of drinks, the guests will be content.

Flower decorations, music, photographer

I have deliberately put them into the same group as they are equally important and equally unavoidable in every wedding. Floral arrangements give every wedding that festive, elegant and glamorous look. The flowers dictate the setting of the tables and the entire reception area. Everything can be perfect, but please remember that it is the flowers that give something extra to the space and get your guests in the mood for celebration. They do not have to be the most expensive, or in abundance, but the flowers will most certainly add to your wedding day to make it truly a memorable wedding day.

The wedding means a party, so good music is something the guests will remember this day for, and call into their mind, the music will bring back memories of you and your celebration. Whether it is a good DJ or an excellent band, depending on your preference, the music is a must have. And that’s it!

A photographer! Can someone even imagine a wedding without a photographer?? Each and every step you make, move, every second of your wedding remains captured... From the morning preparations for the wedding through the ceremony, the first dance, cutting the cake to carrying the bride over the doorstep and the first wedding night (the last photo taken is, of course, the one at the doorstep...).

Do not save your money on the photographer, he is the only person at your wedding who will make it possible for you to play back your whole wedding day, he is the only person who will make it feasible for you to show to your children and grandchildren, with tears in your eyes, but yet again happy and joyful, how it was like so many years ago. Those photographs are the only thing that remains permanently as a constant reminder of your luckiest day.

Wedding happens only once in a lifetime

Dear future newlyweds consider thoroughly what you want, what are your priorities, the wedding happens only once in a lifetime, but loving memories last forever.

Happy planning!

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