Winter wedding in Dubrovnik

1 February 2018

All couples or most of them want to get married in Dubrovnik during spring and summer months that we call the high season. I have had only a couple of weddings organised in Dubrovnik outside this period.

However, this is one prejudice which should be removed. If you like hot weather, swimming and are fond of parties in the open, then summer is a great choice. But, in case this is not your priority, winters in Dubrovnik can be very mild and pleasant (10 – 15 degrees Celsius), it is not nearly as crowded as in the summertime, the price of accommodation is significantly lower, and having a good party does not depend on the time of the year, but on the people you invite.

An abundance of restaurants and hotels

Dubrovnik boasts with plenty of nice restaurants and hotels offering beautiful indoor space that can be used for the ceremony and the wedding reception. So, fun is guaranteed, splendid photographs are guaranteed, as well as good food, top drinks, and there is absolutely no difference between getting married in the high season and getting married in the low season.

In any case, the choice is up to you. My task is to make a suggestion, but it remains your responsibility to make that decision.

Happy planning!

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