Aida & Mohammad

Norsborg, Sweden

First of all, thank you for handling my control freak behavior.
Thank you for supporting me in a professional, guiding and friendly way.
But most thanks for realizing my DREAM wedding.
I contacted a number of wedding planners but chose you because you really struggled to do everything you can to make me and my husband happy.
Nothing was impossible with you and you gave so good advice that sometimes I was surprised that you only wanted us well and did what was really best for us.
I can not explain how beautiful my wedding was but I let the pictures speak for themselves.
The main person to pay tribute to all work is YOU because you literally had daily contact with me and always reported how everything was going, what I had left to do, what I need to think of etc.
I would have never done this without you ...
I would have chosen you as a wedding planner every day of the week and I strongly believe that one day you will take over Croatia's wedding planning! You are amazing! Your professionalism is above everything and I believe you will continue with your brilliant work.
Renata, you are not only a wedding planner, you are also an amazing friend. I hope every bride can experience what I have with you for making me feel so safe and informed with absolutely everything.

With much love,

Aida Huskovic

Dear Renata
I think my wife Aida has explained the most. Without you, I would not have managed my wife during all this planning, haha and I promise that I say it with love. You really have been brilliant to both of us and I have no words to thank you. I just have to say that your whole team was brilliant. The hotel staff at Villa Argentina and Excelsior were in high class, the flowers were brilliant, the video manager and the photographer have top level in quality but most honored is your DJ Petar! Without music there is no party and WOW what a party we had! People were thrown into the air by dancing and Petar did handle all of our songs as we really wanted and it became even BETTER than expected! Renata, you're amazing. Thanks to YOU and ALL!


Hamzii Hariri

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