Emma & Jonathan

London, UK

Back in September 2016 me and my new wife Emma had the most incredible wedding you could possibly imagine in Dubrovnik, Croatia. I know everyone's wedding day is special. And in no way do I want to come across like I'm bragging or saying that our wedding was better than anyone else's. But for us, everything that we dreamed of was perfectly organised by Renata at Marry Me Dubrovnik.

From day 1 of planning to the day of wedding Renata was exactly the true professional that you would hope for when planning a wedding.

My wife originally contacted Marry Me Dubrovnik around a year and a half before the wedding. At this point we hadn't really thought about what type of wedding we wanted, only that getting married in Croatia seemed like a good option.

We immediately warmed to Marry Me Dubrovnik after first contact. All the information sent to us made it so easy to understand the logistics of getting married in Dubrovnik, whilst also offering us a number of options to consider i.e. ceremony venue, reception venue etc. that our budget would allow for.

At no point did we feel pressured or given the usual sales chat "if you spend a bit more you can get this". What we were offered was properly planned to fit within our budget. We were offered several different options for each part of the wedding.

We decided on having the ceremony at Park Orsula. A beautiful, tranquil, outdoor setting on the side of a cliff overlooking the sea with perfect views of the old town Dubrovnik and nearby Locrum Island. For the wedding reception and evening party we chose Hotel More. A beautiful 5star hotel situated right on the sea with an outdoor terrace restaurant perfect to seat the 60 guests we were inviting. Also this hotel has an out-of-this-world hidden gem. A cave underneath that has been converted into a bar/party venue. We were stunned by the beauty of each venue that we could have for our wedding.

Throughout the organisation process Renata was easily and constantly in contact. Every small detail was carefully thought about. Absolutely everything was perfectly organised down to coach transport, individual cars for certain guests, she even (without complaint) organised hotels and taxis for some of our guests at no extra charge.

On the day of the wedding the weather wasn't forecast to be particularly good. So she had other plans organised just in case the weather was awful. Thankfully on the day the weather turned out great so none of those backup plans had to be used.

During the ceremony, unfortunately, our 2 year old niece fell and hurt herself. Without causing any type of scene and without me and Emma even noticing. Renata organised for her assistant to take our niece to hospital, where she stayed with her all day to be seen to and treated.

The ceremony was ridiculously stunning. The food at the reception out of this world. The party afterwards perfect. Looking round at all our guests smiles and laughter throughout the day meant so much to me. The amount of people who told me that this was the best wedding they had ever been to made me so proud. Not just for ourselves. Not just for Emma who did the majority of the organising with Renata. But I was so proud of Marry Me Dubrovnik. They deserved each of those comments.

The video of the wedding truly is breathtaking and brings us to tears every time we watch it. It is such a great reminder of the day. Cause as everyone will tell you, the day goes so quickly and can become a bit of a blur in your memory. This takes me back to that day.

I know this sounds like I'm over exaggerating how good Marry Me Dubrovnik are. But I really couldn't find any fault in their services. If you are getting married you'd be hard pressed to find anyone as good as Renata in the world.

I travel the world a lot with my work in live music. So I come across a lot of organisers of music events, festivals and concerts. She would give any of them a run for their money on the organisation side.

One comment from a friend will stick in my mind for the rest of my life "This is like being at a millionaires wedding".

For that one special day myself, Emma and our guests weren't treated like millionaires, we were honestly treated like Billionaires!!

Renata isn't just someone we employed to plan our wedding. She has become a true friend and someone who we will be eternally grateful to, for giving us the best wedding only dreams are made of.

Thank you Renata.
We Love You

Jon and Emma Bond

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