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Do you want a wedding in Dubrovnik or the surrounding area?
You've never been in Dubrovnik, or you have been here a few times, and you are not sure where to start or how to begin organizing your most important day?

Do not worry and let us do all the work for you. Our organizers and wedding planners follow your wishes and apply their knowledge and experience and will thus organize your wedding exactly the way you envision it. Just leave it all to us, and simply enjoy it and relax.

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Civil ceremony

Although civil ceremony can be different from country to country, most consist of an act of exchange of solemn vows and symbols, as well as public disclosure of the validity of the wedding of two people. We will guide you through all the necessary pre-procedures required for wedding registry officer to perform the civil ceremony.

A significant advantage compared to some countries is that it can take place either in the registrar office or at remote locations such as fortresses, beaches, hotels, restaurants, boats, caves.

Church ceremony

A church ceremony is held in one of the many Dubrovnik churches. Most couples choose the landmark baroque church of St. Blaise, built back in 1715, located in the very heart of the Old Town of Dubrovnik.

If you want your church ceremony to be legally recognized in your country of origin, besides a church ceremony in Dubrovnik, a civil ceremony needs to be done as well. It can be done as part of the Church ceremony, or you can do it in your country.

Symbolic ceremony

From year to year, symbolic ceremony in Dubrovnik are becoming more and more popular. Considering they have no paperwork, what makes the edding procedure faster and the price much lower. Additionally, it can look just like a formal ceremony, so no one needs to know that it is just a symbolic ceremony.

The main advantage of a symbolic ceremony is that given there are no formal limitations, there are many more possibilities and ceremony can be just as you imagine it.

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Our service includes our full engagement regarding all the aspects of the wedding and the entire stay of the newlyweds and their guests in Dubrovnik. During the initial consultation with the couple we go through all their suggestions and with our help and input, jointly find the best options.

We carefully pick our contractors that share our passion, commitment, and high standards, to provide the best service possible. We are privileged to be working with some of the most respected companies in the events business.

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