Ana & Royce

Harare, Zimbabwe

We knew almost 18 months before our wedding that we would be working with Renata and having a destination wedding in Dubrovnik.

14 months before the wedding, we decided to make the trip, visit Dubrovnik to decide on venues and meet Renata. In the space of a week, we had visited and finalised our ceremony and reception venues and we absolutely loved Renata. Once we returned home, we started coordinating and building out our vision with Renata in Dubrovnik.

At every stage, Renata was incredibly professional, reminding us what we still needed to do, reassuring us when we began stressing over the small things, and sending us kisses to brighten each day. Renata was kind and patient, allowed us to ask a million and one questions, change our mind on certain things over and over… everything to realize the dream we had for our special day.

And on the day, even though it rained, our fish was not great, the hotel buggies constantly late or full, and a storm almost destroyed our decorations, it was the most perfect day. While nerves left us speechless and with the happiest tears running down our faces, Renata removed all the stress of the day so that we could fully enjoy the happiest day, be overcome by joy, and dance our hearts out. The church was breathtaking, the flowers exactly what we asked for. The cruise from the ceremony to the reception was just amazing and a very welcome surprise for all our guests, not to mention an incredibly and very Adriatic fun photo opportunity. Finally - the reception… it was just incredible and we managed to cater for all our guests from ages 3 to 83.

Renata - thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything. We felt like your only priority, that you truly cared about realizing our vision, and at every point in the process we could see the pride you take in your work. Many guests told us that this was the best wedding that they had been to and it's all thanks to you. Our wedding dance has gone viral and we can't wait to see the rest of the pictures.

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